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Atelier Yoyita is hosting Mississippi artists in need because of the Hurricanes, visit our pages on how to help them!

Hurricane Rita Resources, English 
Preparing for a hurricane
Huracán Rita, Recursos (New)
Cómo preparárse para un huracán
Tratamiento del agua en caso de desastre
Emergency numbers Miami/Florida

Hurricane Katrina Resources English
Hurrican Katrina search for survivors

Hurricane Katrina for people with disabilities
Huracan Katrina Espanol
Huracan Katrina busqueda de sobrevivientes
Hurricane Katrin

Hurricane Katrina Arabic
Ouragan Katrina French
Hurricane Katrina Czech
Hurricane Katrina Portuguese
Hurricane Katrina Romanian
Hurricane Katrina Russian
Hurricane Katrina Tagalog
Hurricane Katrina Italian
Hurricane Katrina German
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Hurricane Katrina Japanese
Hurricane Katrina Ukranian
Hurricane Katrina Vietnamese

Mississippi artists adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina, hosted by Atelier Yoyita

Disaster Resources

This page has information, links, and phone numbers for critical resources available to those living and working in disaster zones.

Emergency numbers Florida

Information about
Hurricane Rita

Information about
Hurricane Katrina


How to prepare for a Hurricane
Before and After

Water treatment


Finding Friends and Family Multiple Site Search

French Spanish Japanese

Red Cross Family Links Online Registry
OR CALL 1-877-LOVED-1S (1-877-568-3317)
IMPORTANT Registry list is by first name.

Missing Kids Website or call 1-800-THE-LOST

Hurricane Katrina Artists in need


Hurricane Rita Resources

Know of more resources?
Send email to [email protected]
For all rescue requests or emergencies, please call 911 or use the emergency numbers below.

FEEL FREE TO MIRROR THIS SITE Email the link to me and I'll add it in as a mirror site.

Please note that the foreign language versions were developed for Hurricane Katrina. However, much of the information is still relevant to any hurricane.

Mirror Site
Mirror Site
Mirror Site
Mirror Site
Mirror Site
Mirror Site
Mirror Site

French (Canadian)


Tremendous thanks to the dozens of volunteer translators, coders, and proofreaders and our volunteer mirror sites.


NEW: Live WebChat Open to hurricane workers, survivors, and their families.

Emergency Assistance/Search & Rescue

U.S. Coast Guard Search & Rescue

Texas Department of Public Safety Contacts

TIP: If the local web site is not available try the cached copy saved at Google

Louisiana State Police:

  • (225) 922-0325
  • (225) 922-0332
  • (225) 922-0333
  • (225) 922-0334
  • (225) 922-0335
  • (225) 922-0341
  • (225) 925-7398

Road Closures

Texas Department of Public Safety
Road Closure Hotline: 1-800-452-9292.

Louisiana State Police
Road Closure Hotline:

Online or 1-800-469-4828

FEMA Maps of Flooded Areas and Closed Roads

Red Cross Information Line for public safety and road closures 1-866-GET-INFO.

Offender Registries & Contacts

Probation or parole offenders living in Texas from states affected by the disaster should check in at Texas Parole Division Command 1-866-680-6667 immediately.

Locate Juvenile Inmates in Louisiana 225-287-7988,7955, and 7900.

Alabama Sexual Offenders Registry

Florida Sexual Offenders Registry

Louisiana Sexual Offenders Registry

Mississippi Sexual Offenders Registry

Texas Sexual Offenders Registry.

Finding Friends and Relatives

TIP: Text Messaging May Work even when cell phones will not connect.


Red Cross Family Links Registry. or Call 1-877-LOVED-1S (LOVED-ONE-S)

Information about this service

Military Relief Information

Find Housing

Transportation Help

  • List of many, many options for survivors, medically needy individuals, and others needing transportation assistance following the disaster.


    Shelter Information:
    Red Cross- 1(866)-GET-INFO (438-4636)

    FEMA Shelter Hotline (888) 312-4567

    Shelters in Houston. For more information regarding shelters in Houston dial 1-888-312-4567.


    Money is still considered the best donation as it is easy to move to the disaster zone where there are still shortages of gas, transportation, and people to sort and tag items. If you do send supplies, be sure the box clearly labels what is inside. It is also best to sort items of a single type in the same box rather than mix up different kinds of items together. Most places will no longer accept clothing (with some specific needs excepted).


Texas and Louisiana Status Updates by Parish/County

News, Live Streaming and Video

Current Weather Forecast

Animal Rescues & Adoptions

Pets with Microchips

Owners should call any of the following microchip companies if you have lost your pet.

  • VET-LINK.COM MICROCHIP 800-838-8563

Louisiana Animal Rescue Telephone Contacts

SPCA of New Orleans area: Laura 434-589-1499
Northwest Louisiana Humane Soc. Nancy 318-219-7387504-366-8972
Humane Society of Monroe Danine 318-387-9553
Humane Society of Central Louisiana 318-641-0458
Caddo Commission Animal Svcs. Anita Mills 318-222-6624
Lafayette Parish Animal Control 337-291-5644

Noah's Wish Foundation Teri/Roger 530-622-9313

NW Louisiana Chapter Red Cross Michelle Davidson 318-865-9545

Medical Volunteers:

The HHS Medical Volunteer Line
1-866-528-6334 has been turned off because of the overwhelming response by more than 33,000 medically trained volunteers. See: for more information.

NOTE: You may want to consider contacting some of the other resources listed below.

The Red Cross suggests two options: 1) Agencies and organizations supporting first responders and hospitals or 2) work with the Red Cross which requires a 1-2 day training before dispatching.

The Red Cross is seeking specialists trained in several areas including congregate living, health care and financial assistance. In addition the Red Cross is expanding its volunteer response force.

Local State Health Departments in many states are signing up medical volunteers. Check with your state's HHS or EMS office.

Texas Medical Volunteer Contacts

Medical Volunteer Waivers

For medical volunteers working in the areas under declarations of emergency HHS has waivers in place to:

  • Eliminate many conditions of participation and certification for Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP.
  • Allow licensed physicians and other licensed health care providers from other states to receive federal reimbursment in the disaster zone.
  • Allow Medicare enrollees to receive out-of-network services
  • Waive HIPAA privacy regulation sanctions and penalties.

More information is available at the American Medical Association web site for medical responders including state licensing help.

Contacts and Information for temporary medical licensing in Texas.

CDC Recommendations for Immunizations are available online for those working in the affected areas.

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Groups are available to provide support to anyone who needs it.

Environmental Hazards

EPA is asking for reports of all spills of hazardous chemicals, including oil spills and other environmental hazards. Call 800-424-8802 or 202-267-2675.

Translation Language Help

Emergency Medication Refills

Emergency Medications Refills Texas and some other states will allow a pharmacist to refill prescriptions in an emergency even if the prescribing physician can't be reached. Schedule II controlled substances are generally excluded from this provision. See Texas State Board of Pharmacy.

Louisiana Board of Pharmacy announced Friday that evacuees can go to any Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen's or Kroger's pharmacy in Louisiana or around the country to have their prescriptions filled.

NEW: HHS has a new web site for authorized doctors and pharmacists to look up electronic prescription information for survivors, including dosages at Information was provided by: AMA, Gold Standard, the Markle Foundation, RxHub, SureScripts, and the Louisiana and Mississippi Departments of Health.

Crisis Hotline

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

United Healthcare Crisis Hotline at 1-866-615-8700. Callers can speak with counselors to help them handle the difficult emotions they may experience such as stress, anxiety and the grieving process.

National Mental Health Services Locator

Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Hotlines

Call RAINN - 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or the Domestic Violence National Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Dialysis Hotline

The National Kidney Foundation has emergency contact numbers for any dialysis patients in need of help.

Hospital and Nursing Home Patients

Texas is evacuating hospital and nursing home patients from areas near the coast. See Local News Updates for more information.

Social Security Payments

Social Security beneficiaries in the disaster zone can go to any office of the federal agency or any temporary location and receive an on-the-spot payment. See the Social Security Web Site for more information. Some Social Security offices will be open through the weekend. Call call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) for more information.

Services and Help


US Legal Forms has a page with information on replacing Social Security cards, Passports, Birth Certificates and other legal documents.

Order Birth Certificates Online through

The American Bar Association is setting up hotlines to assist people with insurance claims, home repair contracts, wills and other documents, and related issues. See: for more information.

Houston Volunteer Lawyer's Program will have volunteer lawyers available to assist. See for more information.

Dallas Legal Aid will be assisting people in that area. The Dallas Bar will waive it's initial consultation fee for referrals for legal advice.

The New York State Bar Association fund will help victims in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama pay for such services as filing insurance claims, getting death certificates completed and applying for federal aid.

American Bar Association is recruiting lawyers to help man a phone bank and assist people with issues related to the disaster. Contact Beth Ragan 312.988.6142 for more information.

Business Help

Call the SBA at 1-800-659-2955 or email [email protected] for status updates on SBA disaster loan requests. Visit the SBA Website for more information.

Small Business Administration (SBA) has assistance for business owners affected by the hurricane. See

SEC is providing filing extensions and other relief to businesses affected by the Hurricane.

Homeland Security Immigration Enforcement will not sanction employers for hiring victims of the hurricane who, at this time, are unable to provide I-9 documentation. DHS will not bring sanction actions against employers for hiring individuals evacuated or displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina otherwise eligible for employment but who currently lack personal documents.

Unemployment Benefits

Department of Labor Unemployment Hotline is 1-866-4-USA-DOL (1-866-487-2365) or online at

FEMA Hotline Number for Unemployment Benefits is 1-800-621-FEMA or TTY: 1-800-462-7585 or call your local unemployment office.

For Louisiana, people can apply for unemployment insurance and disaster relief at any one-stop job center, online at or by calling toll-free numbers 1-866-783-5567 or 1-800-818-7811.

The Texas Workforce Commission is assisting workers who have lost their jobs due to Hurricane Katrina. They can apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) by calling 1-800-818-7811 from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Employers wishing to hire displaced workers can call 1-800-695-6879 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Job Search Help

Food Stamps

The Department of Agriculture will allow people who normally do not qualify for Food Stamps to receive food stamps if they fled storm-damaged areas of Texas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. Normally, the Agriculture Department requires food stamp recipients to requalify for the benefit if they move to another state.

Louisiana has a hotline where you can apply for Food Stamp assistance.

Workers Compensation

Louisiana injured workers who were getting workers' compensation before the hurricane should call 1-866-783-5567, 1-800-201-2494 or 1-800-201-3457 to update contact information.

Taxes and IRS

IRS Disaster Tax Relief information and disaster loss kits. Available online The IRS has extended deadlines until Oct. 31 to file tax returns and submit tax payments.

The extension includes the Sept. 15 deadline for estimated taxes for businesses and individuals affected by the Hurricane.

Community Voice Mail

Community Voice Mail will be providing free voice mail boxes to Hurricane victims displaced in: Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Memphis and Atlanta. Contact the Red Cross at 1-800-GET INFO for more information. Consider a donation if you are able to support this service.

Banking and Mortgages

If You Are Unable to Pay Your Mortgage call your mortgage lender and notify them as quickly as possible. Many banks and mortgage companies will accept arrangements to delay payments three months or more during a disaster. Visit the FDIC Web Site for more information about banking help or call 1-877-ASK-FDIC (1-877-275-3342).

Low-income residents in the affected areas who have mortgages through USDA are being notified of a 90-day minimum moratorium on payments to reduce the financial hardship.

The FDIC has published a list of contacts for banks that were in the affected area. You can also call the FDIC hotline for banking questions at 1-877-ASK-FDIC.

The SEC has published a web site for those unable to contact their investment advisors. See

Reverse Voice Mail

Reverse Voice Mail
OmVox Telecom and Window Canvas, both of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, have created a new toll-free communications service, allowing family members displaced by the hurricane communicate with one another via "reverse voice mail."

Storm victims can call 1-877-206-7500, enter a 10-digit telephone number such as their home, office, or cell number, and leave a 3-minute voicemail message, letting others know of their whereabouts and safety. Family members can call 1-877-206-7500, enter the 10-digit telephone number of their loved one and listen to any messages left by missing family members. If the line is busy, keep trying.

School Information

Resources Guide for Teachers and Parents after a disaster.

Assistance for School Supplies

Texas Hotline for teachers seeking jobs is 1-800-435-7090.

Florida is waiving the cost of the teacher certification exam. Teachers who fulfilled similar certification requirements in other states are welcome to teach in Florida.

Arkansas Department of Education has streamlined its teacher application process for certified teachers from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama who have relocated to Arkansas. Call Ron Tolson at 501-682-4210 for information.

Georgia Tutoring has positions available for displaced teachers.


  • New legislation allows the Secretary of Education to provide a waiver for repaying Pell Grant funds if those students are forced to withdraw due to natural disaster as declared by the president. The legislation relates only to the semesters affected by the natural disaster.
  • Google Search of Colleges Accepting Students
  • Cross Cultural Solutions, a partner with Care International, is offering a $700 scholarship for students displaced by the hurricane who are interested in participating with their international volunteer or intern abroad programs. See: for more information.
  • AAMC has resources to assist displaced medical students and residents including assistance with contact information, student records, and loans.

Federal, State, and Local Agencies

Disaster Recovery Centers

Before visiting a Recovery Center, try calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or 1 800-462-7585 (TTY) available 24 hours per day. Multilingual operators are available.

You can also apply for assistance online at

Disaster Recovery Center Locations

National Emergency Resource Registry

If you or your organization, agency, or corporation have resources that may be made available to the response agencies please list them here.

High Priority Needs

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Supplies

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Needs and Help bulletin board to coordinate professional assistance. Or call 1(800) FOR-NIGP

  • Louisiana State Services Hotline 1-888-524-3578.

    Open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Can assist with Disaster Food Stamps, Medicaid, Wic, Mental Health Counselling, Addictive Disorders, Developmental Disorders, Social Security Benefits, Social Security Disability Benefits, Child Support, Foster Care, DHH State Supplement Checks, Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, and Disaster Unemployement Benefits.

Hurricane Recovery Resources

  • Federal Web Site with links for finding loved ones, getting help, and other information.

FEMA: Save Your Receipts

A FEMA Official has said: If you were hit with any sort of disaster-related loss, you qualify for federal assistance. If you had to spend a night in a hotel, FEMA will cover it. Save your receipts, keep track of everything you've bought. SOURCE: WWL-TV NEWS

  • National Response Center
    • 1-800-424-8802
    • 1-202-267-2675
  • State Emergency Management Agencies

    Mail Forwarding

    1-800-ASK-USPS. Or online at

    Federal Employees

    Federal Employees can go to the OPM site to find out more about federal retiree benefits, donations of leave, and other relief information. An information hotline is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. M-F CST at 1-800-307-8298.


  • Insurance Company Hotlines
  • Louisiana Department of Insurance available for help 1-800-259-5300 or Online

    Alabama Department of Insurance
    (800) 433-3966
    (334) 241-4141

    Louisiana Department of Insurance
    (800) 259-5300
    (225) 342-5900

    Mississippi Department of Insurance
    (800) 562-2957
    (601) 359-2453

    Texas Department of Insurance
    (800) 252-3439
    (800) 578-4677

    Georgia Department of Insurance
    (800) 656-2298
    (404) 656-2056

    Florida Department of Insurance
    (800) 882-3054
    (850) 413-3131
    (800) 342-2762 - (FL Only)

    Tennessee Department of Insurance
    (800) 342-4029
    (615) 741-2241

    Arkansas Department of Insurance
    (800) 282-9134
    (501) 371-2600

  • Insurance Company Contact Information
    AIG: (800) 242-2418
    Allstate: (800) 547-8676
    Chubb Group of Insurance Companies: (800) 252-4670
    CAN: Personal Insurance Policyholders: (800) 588-7400; Commercial Insurance Policyholders: (877) 262-2727
    The Hartford: (800) 243-5860
    Metlife Auto & Home: (800) 854-6011
    SAFECO: (800) 332-3226
    Selective Insurance: (800) 777-9656 ext. 2801; fax: (973) 948-1103 State Farm: (800) 732-5246
    Travelers Property/Casualty: Personal Insurance Policyholders: (800) 252-4633; Commercial Insurance Policyholder: 800-238-6225
    USAA: (800) 531-8222
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    Aerial Photos
    Alcoholics Anonymous
    American Bar Association Volunteers
    American Medical Association Volunteers
    Addictive Disorders, Louisiana
    Animal Rescue and Adoption


    Banking Help
    Birth Certificates, Replacing British Consulate
    Business Help


    Child Support, LA
    Children, Finding Lost
    Chemical Spills
    City of New Orleans
    Coast Guard
    Counseling and Crisis Hotline
    County EMS Florida


    Dialysis Hotline
    Developmental Disorders, Louisiana
    DHH Checks, LA
    Disaster Recovery Centers
    Disaster Recovery Center, Alabama
    Domestic Violence Hotline


    Emergency Contacts
    Emergency Medication Refills
    EMT Volunteers
    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


    FEMA Flooded Areas Map
    FEMA Teleregistration
    Finding Friends and Relatives Finding Friends and Relatives Multiple Site Search
    FirstGov Katrina Recovery
    Florida State Emergency Management
    Food Stamps
    Food Stamps, Louisiana
    Foster Care, LA
    French Canadian



    HHS Medical Volunteers
    Housing Houston Shelters
    Houston Red Cross
    Houston Volunteer Lawyers


    Insurance Help
    IRS Help


    Language Help
    Lawyers Legal Help
    Licenses for Medical Volunteers
    Louisiana Department of Insurance
    Louisiana State Emergency Management
    Louisiana State Police
    Louisiana State Services Hotline


    Mail Forwarding
    Medicaid, Louisiana
    Medical Volunteers
    Medicare Cards, Replacing
    Medication Refills
    Mental Health Counseling, Louisiana
    Military, Resources for
    Missing Children
    Missing Persons
    Mississippi State Emergency Management
    Mortgage Help


    National Resource Registry
    National Response Center
    New York Bar Volunteers
    NOAA Aerial Photos
    Nurse Volunteers


    Parish Information
    Parish EMS, Louisiana
    Paramedic Volunteers
    Parole and Probation Officers
    Passports, Replacing
    Pharmacist Volunteers
    Pharmacy Help
    Physicians Volunteers
    Physicians, Waivers
    Poison Control Center
    Post Offices
    Prescription Refills

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    Rape Crisis Hotline
    Red Cross Family Links Help
    Red Cross Medical Volunteers
    Red Cross Shelters
    Rehabilitation Services, LA
    Reverse Voice Mail
    Road Closures


    Salvation Army
    Satellite Photos
    Search and Rescue, Louisiana
    Sexual Offender Registries
    Shelter Hotline, FEMA
    Small Business Administration (SBA)
    Social Security Payments
    Social Security Benefits, LA
    Social Security Disability Benefits, LA
    Social Security Cards, Replacing
    Spanish Translators
    State Emergency Management Agencies
    Streaming Video
    Survivors Lists
    Suicide Prevention Hotline


    Texas Public Schools
    Tax Help
    Teachers, Jobs and Certification
    Texas Departments of Public Safety
    Translation Help


    Unemployment Benefits
    Unemployment Benefits, LA
    United States Postal Service
    U.S. Coast Guard


    Veteran's Administration
    Veterinary Help
    Veterinary Volunteers
    Voice Mail, Community
    Volunteer Hotline, FEMA
    Volunteers, Companies
    Volunteers, Medical


    WIC, Louisiana (Women, Infants, & Children)
    Weather Forecast
    WWL-TV New Orleans
    WWSU New Orleans
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