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Alissa DeAmonti Mississippi artist

Katrina affected Mississippi Artists, hosted by Atelier Yoyita

As a response to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and Rita in Mississippi, Atelier Yoyita is hosting and showcasing the artists affected by the Hurricanes.

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Glass Artist

Alissa DeAmonti
20778 Hwy 80
Edwards, MS 39066
Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi January 30, 2006. Hurricane Katrina
Bay Saint Louis

Alissa DeAmonti

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Biography of Alissa DeAmonti
Alissa DeAmonti was born in Fremont, California in 1968. Her father John Chotia was an inventor and entrepreneur. With his guidance, he taught her how to think outside the box. He encouraged her artistic abilities. In 1976 Mr. Chotia moved the family to Utah to start an Ultralight company. Alissa was now in fourth grade. To have some pocket money she started to design a line of jewelry and sold it to her fellow students. This would slowly grow to a collage fund of $2500.00. In Jr. High she started to paint and scalped. Her father, feeling she had potential, took her works to a friend of his. This resulted in a small show in Salt Lake City where all 15 if her paintings sold adding to collage fund. Mr. Chotia passed away in 1981, Alissa put down her brush not to return to it until 1986. Alissa turned back to her art to help pay the rent while in collage. The ever curious, Alissa investigated many different mediums. Through her journey she experimented with glass and all its different functions. In 1997 having finished her schooling she dedicated her efforts to fused glass. She moved from Scottsdale, AZ to SLC, UT. She built a modest studio and started to sell her work through her friends and family. By 1998 her work had been exhibited from New York to California and many states in between. She is an accomplished interior faux artist, creating faux marbles and other stone, faux leathers, and wall plaster finishes. In 1999 she moved to Edwards, Mississippi. Ms. DeAmonti has lived here in beautiful Mississippi with her husband Steve Hixson, for six years now. She continued on the path of fused glass and added glass beading, which put her back to jewelry and her glass pieces. She and her husband built a studio behind their house. In 2005 Katrina came through, causing major damage to a majority of her friends. Alissa was happy that her house was spared, however her studio was not. She lost all of her glass stock, her hotspot station, and her kiln. Not having the money to replace these supplies she started to experiment again. Using her fused glass techniques, she started cutting up everything plastic. She went back to her fathers journals to go over his experiences while he owned a plastic injection company. She found, through trial and error, what plastics would work to create the look of glass. She has called it Fused Plastic. This new art form was created by Ms. DeAmonti, who was frustrated by the inability to receive any help from her insurance company for her “out building structure” She hopes through this new art form she may be able to rebuild her glass studio. She wanted to find an art from that was not only cost affective but would be environmental conscious of our overflowing land fills. Fused plastic is made to look like fused glass and its beauty. Each piece is handcrafted from recycled plastic gathered from friend, neighbors, customers and around her own house. Ms. DeAmonti will rebuild her glass studio, however, she believes that she will continue with both mediums.