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Richard Waters Mississippi artist

Katrina affected Mississippi Artists, hosted by Atelier Yoyita

As a response to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and Rita in Mississippi, Atelier Yoyita is hosting and showcasing the artists affected by the Hurricanes.

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Mississippi Artists affected by Katrina

Multi Media Artist

Richard Waters
812 Iberville Dr.
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
(228) 872-5911 

Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi January 30, 2006. Hurricane Katrina
Bay Saint Louis

Richard Waters

His works

Biography of Richard Waters
I am a multi media artist and work in painting, digital art presented as giclee prints and in musical inventions most notable being the Waterphone.

I have been working in the arts for over 40 years in MS, CA, and HI.  I recently returned to my home here in Ocean Springs and have set up a studio here where I live.  I have also worked in a number of music ensembles mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area and am represented on a number of albums and CDs including one that I produced myself "Water Dreams".  My instrument, the Waterphone, is well represented on movie sound tracks and utilized by both touring bands and symphonies world wide.  I have exhibited both in museums and galleries across the USA and was scheduled to show at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art here in Ocean Springs in Oct./Nov. but Katrina changed all of that and I will be rescheduling my show for next year.



1965 M.F.A., Painting, California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA
1961 B.S., Painting, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS   




+35 years creating and marketing fine arts and sonic crafts. Producing a large body of work using a wide range of materials in painting, sculpture, graphics, musical inventions and recordings.

  +Extensive exhibit and performance record in galleries, museums, and concert halls.

  +Developed   a series of musical inventions into a successful cottage industry.

  +Taught and lectured on the college level. Experience in setting up & directing art departments.

  +Musical inventions are being used in symphonies, Jazz, New, & World Music and performance art as well as many movie and TV sound tracks.

  +Served as the Arts & Crafts Coordinator for the American Bamboo Society.

Developed   the use or utility code for bamboo for the American Bamboo Society.

Attended international bamboo conferences in Bali, and Anji, China.

Works of Richard Waters
Flying Fish
Giclee print
15 x 17 inches
Price: unframed $90.  framed $180
Jungle Man
Giclee print
15 x 17
Price: unframed $90 framed 180
Mardi Gras
Giclee print
20 x 20 inches
Price: $100./$190
Marsh and sunrise
Giclee print
15 by 17 inches.
Price: $100./$190
Opposing Forces
Giclee print
14 by 14 inches.
Price: $85./$170
Swamp Scene
Giclee print
15 by 17 inches.
Price: $90./$180
Tropical Dream
Giclee print
17 by 20 inches.
Price: $95./$185
Waterphone, musical instrument. Invented by Richard Waters from Mississippi.
16 in. diameter x 14 inches height.  stainless steel & bronze with water inside.
Price: $1100/ horsehair bow - $90./ - cake of rosin $12./ pair of superball mallets - $12
Waterphone information
Waterphone testimonial
waterphone credits
waterphone sounds
Just Before Sunrise
22 x 30 inches
Price: Unframed $800 Framed $1000
Sunrise with Clouds
22 x 30 inches
Price: Unframed $800 Framed $1000
Disappearing Road
22 x 30 inches
Price: Unframed $800 Framed $1000
Reflections at Sundown
22 x 30 inches
Price: Unframed $800 Framed $1000

List of needed materials

Watercolors, acrylics, watercolor paper and archival paper for giclee prints. watercolor mediums.  ink cartridges for an Epson 1270 printer.

For metal work:  low fuming bronze rod - /3/16 & 1/4 in. diameter - 36 inch lengths.  Stainless steel pans, serving trays and bowls.  304 stainless steel tubing 1 &1/2 diameter .028 to 035 wall thickness in 12 inch lengths or longer, 1/4 and/or 3/16 dacron rope (all of the preceding are for waterphones and other stainless steel instruments) Bamboo in various lengths and diameters (no bugs please)