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John McDonald Mississippi artist

Katrina affected Mississippi Artists, hosted by Atelier Yoyita

As a response to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and Rita in Mississippi, Atelier Yoyita is hosting and showcasing the artists affected by the Hurricanes.

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John McDonald
2301 24th Av.
Gulfport, MS 39501

(228) 547-5178  cell
(601) 956-8292

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Mississippi Arts Community damage report

Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi January 30, 2006. Hurricane Katrina
Bay Saint Louis

John McDonald


Works by John McDonald

John and Lynn Olsen
Oil on panel
64 by 45 inches
Butterworth Brothers
Oil on panel
50 by 45 inches
Oil on panel
30 by 24 inches
Bayou Portage III
Oil on panel
32 by 18 inches

Prints are available
Promenade Bay Saint Louis Mural
90 by 15 feet
Promenade Bay Saint Louis Mural
90 by 15 feet
Cowan Bayou
Oil on panel
32 by 14 inches
Prints are available
Oil on panel
34 by 17 inches
Prints are available
Night Magig
Oil on panel
32 by 16 inches
Prints are available
Night Magig
Oil on panel
32 by 16 inches
Prints are available
Easy out
Oil on panel
28 by 68 inches

Prints are available

List of needed materials

This is a list of materials I a familiar with, any substitution will suffice, thank you for your help.


Arches drawing papers

Rembrandt- Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Cadnium Red Med., Naples Yellow deep,

Holbein- Viridian, Yellow Orchre, Ultra Marine Blue, Ivory Black, Olive Green

Winsor & Newton- Alizarin Crimson, Blue Black, Cadnium Red, Cadnium Yellow deep, Indian Yellow

Old Holland- Green Umber, Mars Orange Red, Cold Grey, Sepia Extra

Permalba- white



Kolinsky Sables:

Round sizes 2, 6, 10


Bristle (chunking) Robert Simmons:

Flat sizes 2,6,12

Round 2, 6, 12

Fan Blender 10

Filberts 6, 10

Giant Round Sable

Biography of John McDonald


Resume of John McDonald

ELLEN BATTEL STOCKEL AWARD (1975) Yale Summer School for Art & Music.
BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS (1976) University of Georgia
MASTER OF FINE ARTS (1978) Yale University
Three Mississippi Arts Commission Grants and one from the Southern Arts Federation
Featured in ART IN MISSISSIPPI 1790-1980, By P.C. Black
(Published by Mississippi Heritage Society, 1998)
OPEN STUDIO PRESS AWARD Cambridge, MA (Published Series – New Paintings)
Landmark mural “PROMENADE” Bay St. Louis, MS (Completed 1997) Funded by Mississippi Arts
Commission (an approximately 90’ x 15’ trompe l’oeil historical narrative of “The Bay”)
INSTRUCTOR of DRAWING and PAINTING - College & University Levels Periodically since 1978 -
University of New Haven, University of Southern Mississippi, William Carey College, and Pearl River
Junior College
Exhibited widely including Mississippi Museum of Art, Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, George Ohr
Museum of Art; Still-Zinzel Gallery, Heriad-Cimino Gallery – New Orleans, LA; and the Painting Center-
New York , New York
Over the years reviewed in a host of newspapers and periodicals, including Atlantic Constitution; New Art Examiner, May 1992; Art Papers; and Southern Quarterly.
Landscapes and portraits in numerous private and public collections including, Mississippi Museum of Art;
Lauren Rogers Museum of Art; The Peat Marwick Collection, Stanford and Melba Bowman, Jackson, MS;
Jerry and Martha O’Keefe, Biloxi, MS.
Recently elected honorary board member – The Arts Hancock County Mississippi
Lead auction artist for the George Ohr Museum, Biloxi, Mississippi twice since 1999.
Congressman Gene Taylor, Mississippi, commissioned a portrait of Marine Corporal Roy Wheat,
the only Mississippian to have received the Congressional Medal of Honor from the Vietnam War
Worked in art installations at the Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim Museum, The Rothko Foundation and
Pace Gallery during a five year stay in New York City (1980-1985).
A Coast native (Born 1952 in Gulfport, Mississippi). I returned in 1985 and have maintained full-time studios in
Bay St. Louis at 126 Main Street for 18 years and recently in Gulfport at 2301 24 th Avenue until Hurricane Katrina caused me to evacuate.

Losses from Katrina
  • Loss of studio and residence at 2301 24 th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39501 with partially destroyed roof, windows and walls causing extensive black mold.
  • Severe damage to climate control storage unit at U-Store-It, 203 Hwy 90, Waveland, MS 39576 unit # 666 which sustained a four foot flood resulting in the ruin of most of 30 years of artwork including drawings and paintings.
  • In addition in both above locations Katrina trashed most art supplies-paints, brushes, drawing paper, panels, and other support equipment overcome by water and green and black mold throughout.
  • At the storage unit the flood rendered irretrievable many important papers-complete resume, published reviews of work, correspondence and writings and numerous art books.
  • Loss of sole income and stable client base. For example: On October 2, 2005 I was to begin a major restoration of my outdoor mural Promenade, located in the first block of Main Street, Bay St. Louis, MS.
  • Ruin of subject matter-most of my landscapes from the past 15 years are of the coastal areas of Mississippi and Louisiana which are now mountains of grey-brown rubble.
  • Loss or harm to many existing paintings and drawings in private collections in homes or businesses across the Gulf Coast.
  • Loss of local exhibition facilities, such as the George Ohr Cultural Center and area galleries.
  • Lastly the intangible value in the dissolution of community and the scattering of fellow arts and friends.

Caveat – The night before Katrina hit in a kind of “Sophie’s Choice”, I retrieved my negative files, one 35 mm camera and a few prints of Promenade.

Latests News: John has moved to Gulfport MS. 2301 24th Av., Gulfport, MS 39501, cell 228-547-5178