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  • Procedures and fees

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    Ideally, the portrait would be from life, in the client's preferred setting. However, with suitable photographs and video, an accurate and beautiful portrait can be obtained, which will become a family treasure and enjoyed for generations.

    The portrait can begin when the service is contracted, with one third the fee (non refundable,) due in advance. Photos of the work as it progresses will be emailed. The remainder of the fee is due upon completion of the portrait.

    Travel of the artist for sketches and photo sessions can be arranged with a different pricing.

    The following estimates are for single portrait painted against neutral backgrounds, but portraits can be customized to suit your desires.


    CAMEO SIZE (5 x 7)

    USD$     800.00


    USD$  1,500.00


    USD$  2,000.00
    USD$  3,500.00

    Additional persons, complex backgrounds, intricate clothing or jewelry details, pets or additional objects will increase above prices.

    Commissioned Art other than portraits, such as still life, landscapes, portrait of homes or other types of property and paintings from old photos will be available upon request at a previously agreed price.

    Cost of packing shipment and handling is not included, it should be covered by the client. All pieces of art must be insured by the client during shipment.

    Our portraits are made on canvas with the best quality materials and pure pigments without additives, which do not change color with the passage of time. Portraits on linen can also be arranged at a different price. Portraits on canvas are considered to have a life expectancy of 100 years and portraits on linen 150 years.

    Works with the Renaissance technique have a different pricing, please contact us about them.

    Prints are available for selected works, pricing depend upon the series, please contact us.

    Individual works of art displayed in this website have different pricing, please indicate the page's name and title with your enquiry.


    Procedures and fees Copyright 1976-2010 Dr. Gloria Norris.  Click     to contact the artist for prices or information