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Biography of Yoyita


Yoyita (Dr. Gloria M. Norris) prefers to portray the realism of the human figure. In addition to oil on canvas, she sculpts portrait busts and human figure, she is working in fresco and tempera using techniques of Renaissance and Byzantine painting, including the mixture of some of her own paints from pigments. She is a multi-faceted artist from miniatures to murals, fascinated by human beings.

Yoyita was born in Managua, Nicaragua, Central America. She has had the opportunity to study original works by the masters in museums around the world. She started Medical School at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua at the age of 15. Unable to complete her studies there because of a civil war, she completed her studies and residency at U.P.A.E.P, a private Catholic university in Puebla, Mexico. Yoyita decided to pursue her artistic creativity full time in 1997.

Yoyita studied the Bachelor of Art in Alabama and Masters on Sculpture and Painting in Mississippi, then took realism, Academic trainning in drawing and painting, with the methodologies used by the Great Masters of art of the Renaissance and the nineteenth century European Academies. She also trained with the Orthodox Catholic Church in the discipline art and spirituality of icons in tempera and gold leaf with the Byzantine methodology.

In addition to portraits, Yoyita is able to use her knowledge of the human body to compose religious scenes, marines and landscapes of different places as Europe, the caribbean, and The South

She is a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists, Miniature Arts Society of Florida, the Society of Guilders, Cider Painters of America, Sculpture Society, International Sculpture Center, the Society of Tempera Painters, Mensa, Intertel, and ISPE. (International Society of Philosophical Enquiry.) She is available for a limited number of commissions, and may be reached by email.

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