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Artist's Statement

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My love for art started as a child. I remember walking the streets of Europe and the Middle East with my sister, holding my mother's hand, and my father lifting me to see the works of art which were too high for me to see clearly.

I remember being fascinated by their colors and their illusions of three dimensionality. And so, too, with sculptures that looked as if they were going to move and talk to me. I also remember, in the Louvre, watching students with their big easels and long smocks reproducing the works of the Old Masters.

Drawing was my favorite hobby, followed closely by reading. Drawing during class earned me some reprimands from the nuns at both elementary and high school. But drawing was extremely useful for me when traveling through many different countries with different languages, I could make myself easily understood.

Through my art I want to reach each viewer and invite him to enter the scene. I want to entice him to come into the world of the painting and either enjoy the visit with the past, or imagine how the future will see him.

When I create a portrait from a picture or daguerreotype of an ancestor, I aim to bring the memory of that person into the present, and help establish a loving relationship between the contemporary man and his roots. Portraiture is a legacy through which I aim to capture the personality of the subject and perhaps his soul.

In this digital era, with its fast pace and disposable items, I want to create not just a dispassionate record of people and places, but a lasting visual bridge between generations, in which the people of the past and present identify with each other with pride.

If you have a question or a comment, please drop me an email.

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