Law Freedom Rights
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Law Freedom Rights
Patriotic Themes


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Law freedom rights patriotic themes bald eagle capitol constitution we the people by Yoyita

© Dr. Gloria  M. Norris Yoyita
Freedom Summer 1964  Sculpture

Law, Freedom, Rights.
Oil on canvas
8" by 10 "
The bald eagle represent freedom,
The capitol represent law, where the legislator write the law
The constitution represent the rights for we the people

This sculpture is dedicated to the Civil Rights movement and the three of its workers who died in Mississippi: James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner. I wanted to portray them for what they lived for, the Civil Rights that we all have.

Chaney is speaking his arms are extended, symbolizing Freedom of Speech. Schwerner is carrying the Torah, symbolizing Freedom of Religion. Goodman has his hands over his friends' shoulders, symbolizing Freedom of Assembly. There is also a locked ballot box, and in front there is a magnolia with an eternal flame.


Law Freedom Rights
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