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Ligia Zeledón Masís Vda de Lloyd

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New birth

Lord... long ago I heard you
said "Come Home",
But I went on to ports and open
waters where
the sunsets of purple brilliance
invited me to dwell
The mighty ship of my humanness
lays shipwrecked
by the storms I though I could
navigate well alone,
what lessons have I learned... what
tasks fulfilled?
Love... Charity... Hope... Faith... What
have I done with these?
Have I left them on a shelf, in the
secret place where you are waiting
for me?
Today I just see sand... an empty
shore and a burning sun that makes
me thirsty for the living waters of
your love.
I've been without you for so long...
I want to come home and start again... this time with your guiding my
sails... no longer do I want to be...
just me!

Ligia Zeledón Masís Vda de Lloyd

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