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Ayn Rand

Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum
St. Petersburg, Russia

Ayn Rand
Oil on canvas
5" by 7"

      portrait Ayn Rand  © Yoyita  

Ayn Rand
Olio su tela
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Ayn Rand
Oleo sobre lienzo
5" by 7"


Ayn Rand
Óleo na lona
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Ayn Rand
Peinture à l'huile sur toile
12.7 cm per 17.78 cm


Ayn Rand
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Ayn Rand
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Ayn Rand
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Ayn Rand
Oil on canvas
5" by 7"


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Ayn Rand

(IPA: /ajn ɹænd/, February 2 [O.S. January 20] 1905 – March 6, 1982), born Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum, was best known for her philosophy of Objectivism and her novels We the Living, Anthem, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged. Her philosophy and her fiction both emphasize, above all, her concepts of individualism, rational egoism ("rational self-interest"), and capitalism. Believing that government has a legitimate but relatively minimal role in a free society, she was not an anarchist, but a minarchist (though she did not use the term). Her novels were based upon the projection of the Randian hero, a man whose ability and independence causes conflict with the masses (not because of some fault, but because he acts rationally and with his own self-interest at heart; her philosophy states that there is no conflict among rational minds), but who perseveres nevertheless to achieve his values. Rand viewed this hero as the ideal, and the express goal of her fiction was to showcase such heroes. She believed:

  • That man must choose his values and actions by reason;
  • That the individual has a right to exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing self to others nor others to self; and
  • That no one has the right to seek values from others by physical force, or impose ideas on others by physical force.
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Ayn Rand Portrait
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Atelier Yoyita does not endorse any type of philosophy, including Ayn Rand's.

Ayn Rand Oil painting Copyright 1976-2013 Dr. Gloria M. Norris.  Click     to contact the artist