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Annie Scott Tyler of Anniston Alabama

Annie of Anniston, Alabama

Annie Scott Tyler of Anniston Alabama
Oil Portrait of Annie
Annie's Town, Anniston, Alabama
Oil on canvas
14" by 18"

Annie Scott Tyler (Annie's Town), daughter-in-law of General Daniel Tyler, one of Anniston's founders.
Anniston, Alabama, was renamed "Annie's Town" in honor of Annie Scott Tyler, wife of Gen. Tyler's son, Alfred on July 3, 1883.

Samuel Noble met Daniel Tyler During a business trip to Charleston, South Carolina, Tyler a former Union general and native of Connecticut. Noble invited Tyler to tour the family's newly acquired properties in Alabama as a an additional investor. On April 29, 1872, both families representatives met in Rome, signed a contract, and established officially the Woodstock Iron Company.
Aa small village, also called Woodstock, sprang up around the new furnace in Calhoun County withing a year. By the summer of 1873, the Woodstock furnace was fully operational. Realizing there was another village named Woodstock in central Alabama, town officials decided to change the name to Anniston (Annie's town) in 1873 in honor of Daniel Tyler's daughter-in-law, Annie Tyler

Anniston is a city in the foothills of Blue Mountain, of the Appalachian Mountains, located in Calhoun County in Alabama, a state of the United States of America. Anniston was the first city in Alabama to have electricity in 1882 telephones lines as early as 1884. As of the 2010 census, the population of the city is 23,106. The city is the county seat of Calhoun County and the urban center of the Anniston-Oxford Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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