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We started our business in 1951 with the patriarch Pedro Traña and his wife Angela de Traña. In time, their son Martín Traña inherited and expanded the family business.

Martín has been trained in USA with experience and knowledge of new products, technology and design which have improved their service to the Nicaraguan family.

furniture upholstery
authentic Naugahyde
vinyl upholstery
leather upholstery
upholstery foam (polyfoam)
automotive upholstery
marine upholstery
upholstery fabrics.

100% Customer Satisfaction has been our goal since Traña's Upholstery was established in 1951

56 years
serving the
Nicaraguan family

The owner Martín Traña
A family business
with experience
and care.

A Family business for the Nicaraguan family!

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